Arkansas Inmate Search

What are Arkansas Inmate Records?

Arkansas inmate records consist of various types of information about incarcerated individuals either in prison or jail within the state. These records may include paperwork, video, pictures, fingerprints, DNA samples, forms, and reports. Inmate records typically follow someone through the entire justice system.

Basic information such as name, address, gender, date of birth, race, hair and eye color, and physical distinctions such as tattoos will be included. Records may also include mug shots, court records, arrests, warrants, charges, sentences, convictions, previous addresses, and aliases used in committing crimes.

Inmate records are often public and will allow someone to review a criminal's history to see misdemeanors, felonies, driving convictions, and sex offenses. 

Arkansas Prison and Jail System

The Arkansas Department of Corrections (DOC) oversees the entire prison system, which comprises 23 state-run facilities. Some are prisons; a few are work release or re-entry centers meant to transition soon-to-be-released inmates, and there is also a training academy for correctional employees.

The DOC also oversees various community corrections programs, including parole, probation, and residential services. One of these programs uses specialty courts to provide inmates with alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health issues the help and treatment they need along with their rehabilitation.

Arkansas also has 12 local county jails that hold temporary inmates awaiting bail or trial or those inmates who are serving short sentences. These are overseen and managed by local law enforcement (police and Sheriff's departments).

How to Search for Inmates in Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is very open with their inmate records. They have an app the public can use to search for a specific inmate or download the entire inmate database. The public can search by ADC number or name and narrow down the results using the person's gender, age, county, facility, offense, and race.

Initial results show a list with name, race, gender, facility, and birthdate so the searcher can select to see more details. The additional information includes eye and hair color, height, weight, and mailing address. The details also show past and present offenses and parole or release date if applicable.  

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Arkansas

Visitors must first apply using an application from the Arkansas Department of Corrections and then be approved before visiting an inmate. The screening process takes about one week. Anyone who visits who is 12 years or older must provide a state-issued ID and follow a list of rules, including wearing appropriate clothing. The prisons do allow video visitation for some people.

Inmates are allowed to make collect calls to approved phone numbers. They are not allowed calling cards or cell phones and cannot call anyone who is not on the approved list. Each prison unit has specific call rules.

The Arkansas Department of Corrections allows inmates to receive mail and provides explicit instructions on how to address any letters or packages. They offer an online service to send money to inmates for their commissary accounts.

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