Connecticut Inmate Search

What are Connecticut Inmate Records?

Inmate records in Connecticut consist of the paper trail left behind a person who enters the justice system by committing a crime and going to jail or prison. These records consist of forms, documents, mugshots, fingerprints, and other information about the inmate.

Typically, inmate records will contain basic details such as name, address, phone number, birth date, and then more detailed information like the person’s gender, weight, height, hair, eye color, and any defining marks, tattoos, or scars.

The records may in paper form or electronic such as computer records, video tapings, and audio recordings.

Connecticut Prison and Jail System

Connecticut has twenty state prisons. They house long-term inmates there who have committed felonies. Each facility keeps inmates based on the severity of their crime and gender. One facility is a reintegration center designed to help inmates reintegrate back into society once released from prison. All state prisons are run and managed by the Connecticut Department of Corrections.

There are roughly 14,000 people locked up in Connecticut prisons. There are about 1,500 more in federal prisons within the state. Connecticut has a high rate of incarceration and locks up more people for crimes than most states do.

Connecticut also has 29 city and town jails. They are maintained by the local police or Sheriff’s office. 

How to Search for Inmates in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Corrections has a search tool where you can search for inmate records. Simply type in the inmate’s CT DOC number or part of their name (last or first), and you can enter a birthdate to narrow the search.

After pressing submit, the user will be shown a list of inmates that match their criteria, showing their inmate number, name, date of birth, and the facility where they currently reside. The inmate number is clickable for further details. The additional information will show their admission date, status, bond amount, their offense, date of sentence, and possible parole date.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Connecticut

Connecticut supports family involvement with prisoners. Once an inmate puts you on the list of approved guests, the prison will mail you a form you must fill out. You can then visit your loved one on regular visiting days during the proper hours.

Inmates are only allowed calls out; you cannot call an inmate in prison. Again, you must be on the list, and phone calls with inmates are limited to 15 minutes. Connecticut uses the Securus system for family and friend phone calls.

Inmates are allowed mail, and you can send them letters, and they can respond. You may also send them money to use while in prison by sending a check directly to the facility’s Inmate Trust Fund (ITF).

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