Georgia Inmate Search

What are Georgia Inmate Records?

Georgia inmate records are the forms, documents, images, fingerprints, and other identifying pieces of information connected to each inmate within the penal system. These records may also contain evidence, charges, sentencing, court records, arrest reports, and then penitentiary or jail records during the time they were incarcerated.

Some Georgia inmate records are available to the general public, and others will be kept private. Typically, you can find a lot of information online about inmates. The basic information is almost always included, such as the offender’s name, address, date of birth, height, weight, gender, race, charges, and sentencing. Sometimes you might also see mugshots and other details.

The Georgia Department of Corrections keeps many inmate records, but others may be found with local police, the courts, or other government agencies. 

Georgia Prison and Jail System

The Georgia Department of Corrections oversees 34 state prisons, which hold around 52,000 offenders. Some of these felons are allowed to work on work details, food or farm operations, fire services, or construction. The state also has 12 state-run residential substance abuse treatment facilities, two integrated treatment facilities, 12 transition centers (to help inmates reintegrate), and eight probation detention centers. The state also has four private prisons.

Georgia classifies their prisons and units within prisons into three categories, Close Security, meaning these offenders are a significant risk for escape and need to be closely monitored. They have Medium Security for the majority of offenders who need supervision but may be allowed to work in programs outside of the prison. Minimum Security is for offenders who pose the least amount of risk and who follow the rules.

There are 21 county prisons or jails where inmates serving short sentences (usually less than 12 months) or those awaiting trial are held.

How to Search for Inmates in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Corrections has an offender locator on its website where the public can easily search for inmates. You can enter a partial name (first or last). Some optional choices to narrow the research results are gender, race, age (between # and #), and where they were most recently located.

The search results will show a list with the offender’s name, their major offense, and where they are currently located. You can click a button labeled “View Offender Info” to see further details. Those extra details include a mug shot, GDC ID, year of birth, race, gender, height, weight, eye color, and hair color. You can also see if the person has any scars or tattoos. You will also see a long list of their offenses, the county, incarceration dates, and sentences. You can easily print the results with a button at the top of the page.

You can also use third-party search tools like InfoTracer to find out all about an inmate and not just their inmate records but a ton of additional information that you might find useful. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Georgia

Georgia makes it easy to send money to an inmate incarcerated in prison. They have two options: one using a voucher and another using the jPay system. You can even send money by using the phone.

Georgia encourages visitation from family and friends, but visitors must be approved through the standard process first. Visitors must follow all the rules, dress appropriately, and come during allowed visiting hours.

Federal Jails

  • Atlanta RRM
    Address: 719 Mcdonough Blvd S.e., Atlanta, GA 30315
    Phone: 404-635-5679
  • Atlanta USP
    Address: 601 Mcdonough Blvd Se, Atlanta, GA 30315
    Phone: 404-635-5100
  • Jesup FCI
    Address: 2601 Highway 301 South, Jesup, GA 31599
    Phone: 912-427-0871
  • Southeast RO
    Address: 3800 Camp Crk Pk Sw/bdg 2000, Atlanta, GA 30331
    Phone: 678-686-1200

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