Kansas Inmate Search

What are Kansas Inmate Records?

Kansas inmate records are all the documents, forms, files, and other types of media that follow a prisoner through the justice system. They come from arrest records, court records, police reports, warrants, correctional facility (prisons and jails) records, and other agencies. 

Typically, these records will include basic details about the offender, such as name, race, gender, scars, tattoos, marks, height, weight, hair and eye color, and birth date. After that, the information will be justice-related pertaining to their crimes, their arrest, their incarceration, sentencing, and other court-ordered events. 

The Kentucky Department of Corrections (DOC) is the entity in charge of inmate records. They have an offender locator feature on their website, making it easy to find some information quickly. Some other inmate records may be harder to find. 

Kansas Prison and Jail System

The state of Kansas has ten adult prison facilities. They are spread throughout the state, and one of them is a work-release facility. There are roughly 10,000 people in state prison in Kansas and another 7,400 in local county jails.

The county jails hold temporary inmates awaiting hearing or trial and those serving very short sentences. Many of the county jails have inmate rosters where you can find loved ones who have been arrested and are placed in jail before they await sentencing.

How to Search for Inmates in Kansas

To search for an inmate in Kansas, simply visit the Kansas Department of Corrections website and use the “Offender Search” feature. You can enter the person’s name (first, middle, or last) or their KDOC number (inmate number). You can also filter by entries with photos, a thumbnail, and aliases.

The results will show a list of the offenders’ KDOC, name, gender, race, birth date, age, status, and where the information came from. Clicking on the offender’s name will show you more information such as a mugshot, convictions, sentencing, crime details, the facility where they are currently held, along with participation in any DOC programs. You can sometimes see a potential release or parole date also. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Kansas

Once an inmate is provided with visitation privileges, you can apply to get on their approved list. You must visit the Kansas DOC website to download the paperwork and then mail it in. You must follow all facility rules when visiting, and you can only visit during designated days and times.

Inmates in Kansas are allowed email and regular mail. You must follow strict guidelines on what you can send and how when mailing inmates anything. Kansas uses the jPay system for email to and from inmates.

Although inmates cannot receive phone calls, they can make them to you. You can purchase prepaid phone cards for a loved one to use when contacting you. Read these instructions to find out how.

Kansas also uses the jPay system for inmate banking. You can send money to an inmate using this system by following these instructions.

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