Missouri Inmate Search

What are Missouri Inmate Records?

Missouri inmate records illustrate the journey someone took through the state’s justice system. These records come from local law enforcement, the courts, jails and prison facilities, and other agencies. Some may include things like arrests, convictions, sentencing, forms, documents, and other types of media that connect to the offender.

Typically, inmate records will include basic details like the person’s name, age, date of birth, and location. They may also have more information like fingerprints, mugshots, height, weight, defining marks, hair and eye color, and build. Some records will also show their current location, parole, or probation information.

The Missouri Department of Corrections is the state agency in charge of all facilities and inmates. Some records may be easy to locate, and others more difficult. 

Missouri Prison and Jail System

The Missouri Department of Corrections manages 21 correctional facilities. Nineteen of them house male inmates, and the other two have women prisoners. They vary in security for different levels of inmates. The state also has eight work release and community corrections offices to help with reintegration, parole, and probation.

The state also has dozens of local county jails for short-term and pretrial inmates. These facilities and inmates are supervised and managed by local law enforcement (police and Sheriffs).

How to Search for Inmates in Missouri

You can search for offenders on the Missouri Department of Corrections website. Their search tool allows you to search by offender ID or name. You must enter both a first and last name for the search.

The results will show a list of offenders’ DOC ID, name, date of birth, race, height, weight, and gender. You can click the DOC ID for more information. You will then see a mugshot, current location, hair/eye color, offenses, and sentencing.

You also have the option of using a third-party tool like the InfoTracer search tool to find inmates online. You will see not only criminal information but court cases, social media, and dark web details. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Missouri

The state of Missouri has contracted with JPay so that family and friends can easily send money to an inmate so that they can purchase items from the canteen. You may deposit funds into an inmate’s account using the instructions on this page. You can also send money using MoneyGram.

The state also uses the JPay system for inmate email between offenders and their family and friends.

Inmates are allowed to make outgoing phone calls using the Securus Technologies system. You may set up an account and deposit funds into your incarcerated loved one’s account so they can call you on a regular basis.

All visitors must apply using the proper form before being able to visit an inmate in Missouri. Once approved, the visitor must comply with the long list of rules on this page and can only visit during designated hours/days. Only certain people, such as close family, friends, clergy, and attorneys, may visit inmates.

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