Nevada Inmate Search

What are Nevada Inmate Records?

Nevada’s Department of Corrections is the state agency in charge of inmate records. They supply the public with information based on requests received through their website and in writing. Nevada inmate records originate with the local police, Sheriff’s offices, the courts, and incarceration facilities.

Typically, inmate records have the person’s name, date of birth, age, race, gender, and a physical description, which might include eye and hair color, height, weight, and any tattoos or defining marks. They sometimes also include crime details, mugshots, and fingerprints.

Other inmate records may include things like DNA, audio and video evidence, police reports, warrants, court documents, sentencing, prison records, and more. Some inmate records are easy to come by, and others more challenging.

Nevada Prison and Jail System

Nevada has seven state prisons, eleven conservation camps run by the Nevada Department of Corrections, and two transitional housing facilities to help inmates get ready for home life after prison.

There are roughly 13,000 inmates in Nevada state prison. Another 1,800 reside in federal prison within the state, and there are 7,200 inmates held in local county jails.

The state of Nevada has dozens of local county jails that hold pretrial inmates and those serving short sentences. These facilities are operated and run by the local law enforcement and funded at the county level.

How to Search for Inmates in Nevada

The Nevada Department of Corrections (DOC) has an inmate search tool you can use to find inmates incarcerated within the state. You can search by either offender ID or the person’s name (you can enter a partial name).

The search results show a list of offenders with their ID, full name, gender, and the institution where they are held. You can click an offender ID to get more information.

The additional details will show a mugshot (if available), a ton of booking information for each of their crimes, their custody level, and their date of parole.

You can also use a tool like InfoTracer to quickly and easily find someone in a Nevada prison.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Nevada

The state of Nevada encourages visitors to stay connected with inmates in state prisons. They offer visitation to friends and family of inmates after they have been approved. The visitor must fill out an application for both in-person or video visitation. Once approved, they must follow all the rules.

Friends and family can send inmates money using a lockbox coupon system. To learn more about how to do that, read this information.

Nevada Department of Corrections uses the Securus system for inmate phone calls. You may receive calls from inmates and pay for prepaid phone time for them, but you cannot call someone in prison. 

The Nevada DOC uses the Corrlinks system for inmate email so you can send your incarcerated loved one messages. You can easily set up a free account by following the instructions using the link above.

When using any of the methods above to contact your loved one, you must read and follow all the guidelines set forth by the DOC.

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