New Mexico Inmate Search

What are New Mexico Inmate Records?

New Mexico inmate records come from local law enforcement, the state and local courts, confinement facilities, and local law enforcement. These records include things like mugshots, personal description details, name, date of birth, race, gender, and fingerprints. They may also include things like audio and video clips, digital files, and paper documents.

Inmate records follow the offender through the justice system and even beyond into parole or probation. These records may be accessed by law enforcement and the courts for various purposes.

The New Mexico Corrections Department is the state agency that manages all inmate records, inmates, and facilities.

New Mexico Prison and Jail System

The state of New Mexico has six state prisons and contracts with five private prisons. These facilities hold approximately 6,700 inmates at any given time. The state also has five regions for community corrections and offices spread throughout the state to keep parolees and probationers on track.

The New Mexico Corrections Department is the government agency in charge of all facilities and inmates.

New Mexico also has local jails run by Sheriff’s offices and local police that hold pretrial inmates and those serving short sentences. Sometimes these facilities have rosters of current inmates.

How to Search for Inmates in New Mexico

The New Mexico Corrections Department has an inmate locator tool on their website. You can search using the offender’s name, offender number, or NMCD number.

The results will show a list of offenders by name, NMCD number, offender number, and supervision status. You may click a button in any row labeled “View Details” to see more information.

The additional details will show a mugshot, height, weight, eye and hair color, race, religion, education, the facility, and details about their crimes.

You can also visit a local jail to find someone or search online with the county Sheriff’s Office website for an inmate roster. Another great option is using a tool like InfoTracer to find someone incarcerated in New Mexico or elsewhere in the country.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in New Mexico

New Mexico encourages family visitation for inmates. However, visitors must fill out an application first and go through the approval process. They then must follow all rules and dress accordingly.

Inmates are allowed to receive mail from friends and family as long as the sender abides by the rules.

The New Mexico Corrections Department has contracted with Access Securepak, so you can send your incarcerated loved one a custom care package.

You can send money to an inmate as long as you address it to them and send money orders only. You must follow the rules when sending money to an inmate and you must send the money order to the facility where they are currently located.

You can purchase prepaid phone minutes for your loved one by contacting Securus correctional phone services. Inmates may only make outgoing calls. If you send them money via money order, they too can purchase phone minutes to connect with you. 

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