Tennessee Inmate Search

What are Tennessee Inmate Records?

Tennessee inmate records are made up of all the files and accompanying documentation that follows an offender through the penal system in the state. It may include fingerprints, mugshots, forms, audio and videotape, digital records, and more.

These records originated with law enforcement when an arrest is made. After that, it comes from the courts and confinement facilities. Things like police reports, charges, sentencing, and attendance files may be included.

The Tennessee Department of Correction is the government agency in charge of all Tennessee inmates, records, and facilities. They make it easy to locate some records, but others may be more difficult to find.

Tennessee Prison and Jail System

The state of Tennessee has fourteen state prisons. Ten of these are owned and operated by the Tennessee Department of Correction, and four others are privately owned prisons through CoreCivic. They divided the facilities into three regions: East Tennessee Region, Middle Tennessee Region, and West Tennessee Region.

The state also has dozens of local county jails owned and operated by the towns and counties. These facilities hold temporary inmates serving short sentences or before their trial.

There are about 30,000 inmates in state prison in Tennessee. There are also 19,000 people held in county jails and another 8,100 in federal prison.

How to Search for Inmates in Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Correction has a “Felony Offender Locator” on their website so the public can search for someone in prison. The search only works by entering the person’s name. You can also narrow it down by race, and you can check off if you want the search matched to known aliases also.

The list of results shows a TDOC ID, a thumbnail mugshot (if available), name, birthdate, status, and their current location. You can click any TDOC ID to see additional details like a full physical description, dates of incarceration, and a parole date. You can also view their conviction details with a court case number to find out more.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Tennessee

To send mail to someone incarcerated in Tennessee, first, you need to know where they are located. You also need their TOMIS ID (prison identifier), their name, and the address of the prison where they are held. Each piece of mail must be addressed as such:

Offender Name/TOMIS ID Number

Name of Prison

Address of Prison

Inmate visitation is encouraged by the Tennessee Department of Correction. However, visitors and inmates must follow all the rules. No contraband or drugs is allowed during visitation. Any violation of the rules will be met with harsh punishment.

The Tennessee Department of Correction has partnered with ConnectNetwork for phone services. You can send money to an inmate’s phone account by following the instructions on this page.

Tennessee’s DOC allows inmates to keep bank accounts to purchase snacks and toiletries from the canteen. Friends and family can deposit money into these accounts for inmates through the phone, online, and using cash. Money orders are preferred. The DOC uses the JPay system.

Federal Jails

  • Memphis FCI
    Address: 1101 John A Denie Road, Memphis, TN 38134
    Phone: 901-372-2269
  • Nashville RRM
    Address: 701 Broadway St, Suite 124, Nashville, TN 37203
    Phone: 615-736-5148

Police Departments in Tennessee