Texas Inmate Search

What are Texas Inmate Records?

Texas inmate records are all the items that follow a person through the criminal justice system. They may include things like mugshots, fingerprints, police reports, arrest records, court records, confinement facility documents, DNA, audio and video clips, and other evidence.

Most Texas inmate records will have basic information on them like the offender’s name, date of birth, race, gender, age, and a physical description like hair and eye color, height, weight, tattoos, defining marks and any scars. They may also include their criminal charges, sentencing, and confinement details.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is the state agency in charge of inmates, facilities, and all inmate records. They make it easy to find some records, but others will be harder to locate.

Texas Prison and Jail System

Texas has 90 correctional facilities under the direction of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The state also contracts with another nine private facilities. The state-run and owned facilities are split into six regions across the state.

Texas has an enormous number of offenders in state prison (163,000+), another 55,000 in local jails, and 27,000 in federal prisons. Due to the sheer volume, there is a lot of overcrowding in Texas prisons.

The state also has many local county jails that hold pretrial inmates and those serving short sentences.

How to Search for Inmates in Texas

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has an offender locator on its website where the public can find someone incarcerated in the state. You can search using the person’s name, TDCJ number, SID number and narrow down the results with a gender and/or race selection.

The results will show a list of offenders’ names, TDCJ number, race, gender, projected release date, age, and the unit they are assigned to. You may click on any row in the name column to see additional details like the facility, their offense history, including case file numbers, their scheduled release date, and parole eligibility.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Texas

Texas inmates are allowed one visit per weekend. Visitors must bring a valid ID, wear appropriate clothing and follow the long list of other regulations when visiting an inmate in Texas.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice allows family and friends to send money to inmates via:

      Money order or cashier’s check.

      Monthly checking account debit (ACH).

      ACE – America’s Cash Express.

      eCommDirect Store.


      TouchPay Payment Systems.

Read more about the process here

Before receiving phone calls from an inmate in a Texas prison, you must register your phone number. You can also purchase prepaid phone time for your incarcerated loved one. Learn more about that here.

Friends and family are encouraged to correspond regularly with inmates. However, understand that all mail sent and received will be opened and inspected before mailing. 

Federal Jails

  • Bastrop FCI
    Address: 1341 Highway 95 North, Bastrop, TX 78602
    Phone: 512-321-3903
  • Beaumont Low FCI
    Address: 5560 Knauth Road, Beaumont, TX 77705
    Phone: 409-727-8172
  • Beaumont Medium FCI
    Address: 5830 Knauth Road, Beaumont, TX 77705
    Phone: 409-727-0101
  • Beaumont USP
    Address: 6200 Knauth Road, Beaumont, TX 77705
    Phone: 409-727-8188
  • Big Spring FCI
    Address: 1900 Simler Ave, Big spring, TX 79720
    Phone: 432-466-2300
  • Bryan FPC
    Address: 1100 Ursuline Avenue, Bryan, TX 77803
    Phone: 979-823-1879
  • Carswell FMC
    Address: Naval Air Station, J St Bldg 3000, Fort worth, TX 76127
    Phone: 817-782-4000
  • Dallas RRM
    Address: Us Armed Forces Reserve Cmpl, 344 Marine Forces Dr, Grand prairie, TX 75051
    Phone: 972-730-8837
  • Fort Worth FMC
    Address: 3150 Horton Road, Fort worth, TX 76119
    Phone: 817-534-8400
  • Grand Prairie
    Address: U.s. Armed Forces Reserve Complex, 346 Marine Forces Drive, Grand prairie, TX 75051

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