Virginia Inmate Search

What are Virginia Inmate Records?

Virginia inmate records are all the pieces of information collected, stored, and shared about someone in the state correctional system. Things like court records, police reports, and warrants are considered inmate records. Other items like mugshots, fingerprints, and audio/video clips may also be included.

All inmate records will have the offender’s name, date of birth, age, gender, race, and a physical description (consisting of eye and hair color, weight, and height). It may also include scars, tattoos, or any defining marks.

The Virginia Department of Corrections is the state agency responsible for inmate records, facilities, and inmates. They provide some records easily, but others you may have to hunt down.

Virginia Prison and Jail System

Virginia has 44 correctional facilities split over three regions (Western, Central, Eastern) across the state. These facilities hold long-term prison inmates serving normal sentences for felony crimes.

The state also has a variety of local county jails holding short-term inmates and those awaiting a hearing or trial. These facilities are run by the local Sheriff’s office and are usually owned and operated by the county.

There are 38,000 inmates in Virginia state prison. Another 23,000 inmates reside in county jails, and 6,400 live in federal prisons within the state.

How to Search for Inmates in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Corrections has an inmate locator feature on its website. You may search based on an offender’s name or their ID. You can also narrow the search with criteria like middle name, release date, alias, age, location, race, or gender.

The search results will show in a clean list displaying the person’s name, alias, age, race, gender, ID, location, and a link to send them funds if you want. For additional information, you would need to contact the facility where they reside. There is no way to see further details through this list.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Virginia

Virginia strongly encourages visitation from family during incarceration. However, before visiting, you must first apply, and the DOC must approve you. After that, you can visit on designated days/times, and you must follow all the rules. Only immediate family is allowed to visit Virginia inmates.

Each inmate has a commissary account, and friends or family can deposit funds in an inmate’s account for them to use. Virginia contracts with JPay for these deposits. You can learn more about it here.

Virginia inmates are allowed 15 people on their call list, and they can make weekly calls to approved members. The state uses the Connect Network system for all inmate calls, and friends and family can fund a prepaid calling card for their loved one. Each call can last only 20 minutes.

Jail phone calls may work differently; you must check with the specific facility for details. 

You can send mail to an inmate in Virginia as long as you address it as follows:

Offender’s first and last name

Offender’s 7-digit state ID number

Name of Facility or Institution

Address and Zip Code

Be aware you can only send approved content, and all mail will be reviewed and read before handing it over to the inmate. 

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