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Kansas State Courts

The Kansas judicial system is made up of both supreme and appeals courts, and trial courts, some of which operate on a regional basis. All of the courts have their own purpose and some are even subject-matter courts dealing with one specific issue.

Kansas has one federal district court which is where many federal cases and suits originate. This is called the United States District Court for the District of Kansas and any appeals from here are dealt with by the 10th Circuit.

Kansas has one subject-matter bankruptcy court to deal with both individual and company bankruptcies. The United States bankruptcy court, District of Kansas has jurisdiction on matters related to bankruptcy.

Also, Kansas has both municipal and other trials courts. In Kansas, violations and offences to take place within a certain city are in the first instance dealt with at the Kansas Municipal Courts.

District courts are divided into 31 different districts for judicial matters. These courts are implemented by the Kansas Constitution, and have general jurisdiction. Cases to go through these courts include probate, small claims, juvenile offences, divorces and more. Some other states have specific subject-matter courts for juveniles and small claims, but in Kansas the District Courts deal with these issues.

Court Name: Kansas Supreme Court
Address: 301 SW 10th Avenue Topeka Kansas 66612-1507
Phone: (785) 296-2256
Website URL: http://www.kscourts.org/kansas-courts/supreme-court/default.asp

Intermediate and Supreme Courts

There is an intermediate court in Kansas, The Kansas Court of Appeals. Judges within this court don’t usually actually conduct trials, instead they sit as a panel and review the legal issues and the cases that have been referred by lower courts.

This intermediate court has jurisdiction over criminal matters as well as civil. Cases are heard in multiple locations throughout Kansas, with a three-judge panel hearing the appeals.

As with each and every state there is also a court of last resort. This is the Supreme Court, which takes jurisdiction in all civil and criminal cases as well as regulating the courts across the state. This particular supreme court dates back to the 1860’s and is the highest court in Kansas.

How to Find Kansas Court Records Online

Use our simple tool to find Kansas Court records by case number or even search by surname. The Kansas Open Records Act dictates that all records from the courts must be made public and that it is the rights of the citizens to see and copy these records. You can now access them simply and easily online. Details including mugshots, sentencing details and police reports are among some of the records that can be found from Kansas Courts. There are over 25 million records online. In some historic cases, the courts may need to be contacted for details that have not yet been uploaded or digitized, but most modern cases will have been.

Superior Courts