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Skagway County Court Caseload Data and Trends

Depending on the local authorities practices, and political and economic climates, court case tallies will vary from year to year in specific areas of Skagway County, AK.

The Skagway County court system consists of 2 court types. These courts include: District Court and Superior Court. In 2018, District Court recorded 34 filings, which indicates a decrease of 238% from 115 in 2017. The court type with the fewest number of cases was Superior Court which had only 2 cases. Review the table below to compare the court types and statistical information for number of cases in the county.

Courts Type Number of filings in 2018
District Court34
Superior Court2

Most Popular Court Cases

You can tell a lot about an area by the types of legal issues that appear in county courts.

Skagway County court records data dates back to 2012. Some may date back further, but they started formally recording them since 2012. There was a total of 36 cases filed in the county for the year 2018. The most popular type of court case is misdemeanor comprising 36% of the total filings. The next most popular types of court cases are minor offense and civil cases. Check out the table below to review the filing information for a specific court case type in county.

There are various solutions to find for a Skagway County court case using someone’s name, the court type, the courthouse or county name, and other information.

Cases Type Number of filings in 2018
Minor Offense9
Civil Domestic Violence5
Domestic Relations0
Civil Small Claims0