Colorado Inmate Search

What are Colorado Inmate Records?

Colorado inmate records are the documents and recordings of someone’s journey through the prison system. These records include things like arrest paperwork, a RAP sheet, fingerprints, DNA samples, police reports, jail or prison attendance records, and more.

The Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) is responsible for inmate records and inmates and facilities that house temporary and permanent inmates. The DOC’s files consist of forms, documents, paperwork, audio and video files, and electronic records of all inmates under its care.

The Colorado State Archives is the main repository for jail, prison, parole, and probation records. They have records dating back to the 1800s. Researchers looking for historical inmate records should consult this authority first. 

Colorado Prison and Jail System

The Colorado Department of Corrections manages the entire Colorado prison system. They are responsible for 20 state prisons. Other inmates are held in three contracted private prisons. The state also has 19 parole locations that manage community corrections and rehabilitation. There are approximately 20,000 inmates in state prisons in Colorado and another 12,000 inmates in jails throughout the state.

The state of Colorado also has 26 county jails and detention centers. These types of facilities hold short-term inmates awaiting trial or bail/bond. They may also hold inmates who have been sentenced to very short terms (less than one year in jail).

How to Search for Inmates in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Corrections has a search tool on its website where the public can easily search for inmates. When doing so, you must have the inmate’s DOCNO (inmate ID) or their name. You can also filter results by gender.

The search results will show a list of inmates by name, ethnicity, gender, age, and their location. You can then narrow down your search and click on any record to see more details. The additional information will include a mug shot, hair, eye color, weight, parole date, estimated discharge date, and a basic list of convictions with the sentence (number of months or years in prison). These records include a case number so you can check with the courts to see exact details about the nature of their crimes.

There are also third-party websites you can use to find inmates and search criminal and court records in one step. InfoTracer offers such a tool. If you are a victim of a crime, you can go to the VINE website and sign up for alerts when your offender is about to be released. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Colorado

Colorado makes it easy for family and friends to stay in touch with inmates. They have drafted a policy document outlining the rules for sending inmates mail or calling them. They also use the JPay system and allow inmates the opportunity to send and receive emails. They use the Colorado Inmate Phone System (CIPS) for phone calls between inmates and outsiders.

The DOC has contracted with JPay, Western Union, and GTL so that family and friends can easily send money to an inmate. Follow the instructions on this page to do so.

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