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What are Florida Inmate Records?

Florida inmate records refer to the forms, documents, and digital media collected, created, and stored related to inmates incarcerated by the state justice system. These records may include photos, DNA evidence, forms, mugshots, fingerprints, audio, and video recordings.

Typically, Florida inmate records will contain the offender’s name, address, phone number, birth date, gender, race, and physical description (height, weight, hair and eye color, etc.). They may also contain details from court records about the person’s crimes, sentencing, and any court-mandated programs or compliance items.

Some Florida inmate records are public, and some are kept private. After serving their entire sentence and following a waiting period, inmates can apply for expungement to have their criminal records hidden from public view. 

Florida Prison and Jail System

The state of Florida has 143 state penal institutions. Fifty of them are state prisons, 16 are annexes, and seven are private prison facilities. They also have 33 work camps, three re-entry centers, two road prisons, and one forestry camp. The other facilities help with reintegration and training.

The Florida Department of Corrections runs and manages all the facilities and inmates within the system. All the prisons house felons who were sentenced to a year or more in prison. Those with lesser sentences may stay in the county jail for their entire term.

Florida also has dozens of county jails managed and operated by the county Sheriff’s office.

How to Search for Inmates in Florida

The Florida Department of Corrections has a search tool on its website where the public can search for an inmate incarcerated in state prison. You can search using a partial name or the inmate’s DC number. The search results will show a list including the inmate’s name, DC number, race, gender, release date, birthdate, and the facility they currently reside in.

If you click the inmate’s name, you will see additional details that include a mugshot, aliases, previous incarcerations, offenses, charges, and sentencing.

To find someone in a jail in Florida, you can contact the Sheriff’s office or check their website. They often have search tools or lists of current residents.

You can also use third-party tools like InfoTracer to find an inmate currently residing in a Florida prison. They curate public records from all over the country so you can perform a U.S.-wide search to find inmates incarcerated anywhere. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Florida

Florida strongly supports family reunification during incarceration, and they encourage family and friends to visit.

To visit an inmate in a Florida prison, you must visit the website, download the application, and mail it in. Once approved, you may begin visiting on designated days/times. You must follow all rules during a visit.

You cannot call an inmate, but they can call you. However, you must be on the inmate’s approved call list before you can begin receiving calls.

You may send letters and packages of approved items to an inmate by following the instructions on this page.

Inmates’ are allowed email, and Florida has contracted with JPay Inc. to provide access to email for all inmates.

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